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A quick definition

Balneotherapy involves a therapeutic use of different elements such as algae, essential oils, sea salt, as well as changes in the temperature of the water, that will offer you a one-of-a-kind soothing and relaxing bathing experience. Balneotherapy treatments can take place in different types of baths, whether they are filled with fresh water, sea water, seaweed or mud. This treatment offers great versatility, specially once the various elements are added within the bath itself (algae, essential oils, sea salt, etc.).

How does it work           

The duration of the bath will usually vary between 15-20 minutes, with the client immersing his/her body in a specifically designed tub, equipped with numerous adjustable jets. Balneotherapy is known to stimulate and regulate blood circulation, while relieving various types of pain and muscle tensions. While offering a plethora of therapeutic benefits, the practice of balneotherapy will help you reach the ultimate level of relaxation and well being you’ve always dreamt of!


Thermotherapy is a well known ancient technique, where one exposes itself to intense heat (sauna) for 10-20 minutes (promotes a state of well-being and relaxation, an increase in blood circulation, and the elimination of toxins), followed by a very short exposition (15-30 seconds) to cold temperatures (promotes: muscle toning, firmer skin, tightening of the pores). The 3 step thermal cycle is then completed with a resting period of at least 20 minutes. You can repeat this sequence multiple times to fully enjoy all of the benefits of thermotherapy (as mentionned above!)!

Done correctly, this sequence – hot, cold, resting period – will cause a thermal shock that will provide many health benefits: an increase in blood circulation and cell oxygenation, an increase in levels of endorphins, reduced stress and anxiety, a better sleep quality, and a deep cleansing of the skin (through the process of vasodilatation: during the exposition to higher temperatures, the body temperature will rise drastically, allowing it’s pores to better dilate, and massively eliminate the toxins within the skin.

Come experience our distinctive and rejuvenating thermal experience at PAŪS and enjoy all of our Spa’s facilities during your treatment; outdoor hot bath, sauna, eucalyptus steam bath, swimming pools, whirlpools, polar shower, and our beautifully designed resting area, for the ultimate relaxation experience.



The benefits of balneotherapy

Hot bath

Indulging into a luxurious spa treatment comes with it’s many perks; in addition to promoting a sense of well being and relaxation, spa sessions can have a positive therapeutic effect on your cardiovascular system, your respiratory system, your joints, and your skin (removal of dead skin cells and skin toning). A spa treatment can also help in reducing swelling and pain with the combination of these 3 elements; the high temperature of the water, the numerous masssage jets specifically located within the spa & the effects of weightlessness (that will greatly help reduce various tensions within the muscles and the joints).

PAŪS Spa Experience advises you to take advantage of its spa facilities before your body or facial treatment, because they will amplify the effects of your care. As for massages, the ultimate planning is to be able to enjoy the thermal experience before (to relax your muscles before) and after (to prolong the relaxation).

The benefits of balneotherapy