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Whether you’re in our twenties, fourties or sixties, we all dream of a beautifully smoother and softer skin, with a more radiant and glowing complexion! Unfortunately, skin imperfections are extremely common in women of all ages excess sebum, enlarged pores, acne, wrinkles and fine lines, pigment spots, etc. With every year that passes by, our pores tend to expand further. Poorly executed exfoliations, moisturizing creams that dont match our skin type, and excessive sebum can all lead to enlarged pores, which can cause an increase in blackheads and pimples!

Our team at PAŪS Spa, offers you 5 of its most well-kept beauty secrets, that will help you tighten your pores and display a luminous and more radiant complexion!

How to minimize enlarged pores for a brighter skin
How to minimize enlarged pores for a brighter skin

Our secret beauty tips! 

A deep and thorough skin cleanse: look for a cleanser that is chemical-free, to gently help dislodge all of the impurities within your skin, without damaging its delicate hydrolipidic film. Clean your face twice a day, with lukewarm water, to better oxygenate your skin, and to avoid obstructing its pores. All of our treatments at PAŪS Spa include a deep cleansing care, an exfoliation and a specific treatment – leaving you with a beautiful and radiant complexion!

A proper exfoliationto make sure to remove all of the impurities and dead cells within your skin, we recommend exfoliating your skin, at least once or twice a week. A skin that is not properly exfoliated will leave you with a dull complexion and an increase in clogged pores (one of the main causes of dilated pores!). At PAŪS Spa, our Absolu Peeling skin care offers a deep exfoliation treatment,  to fully restore your skin’s radiance and luminosity. In addition to tightening your pores, our anti-aging treatment can help treat many skin imperfections: age spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

Make sure to use an astringent treatment in your beauty routine, if you have an oily or a mixed skin : these tomics will help tighten your pores and help prevent any obstruction within your pores.

Mosturize your skin properly: use products that are specifically designed for your skin type. A skin that is properly hydrated will be regulated, and its pores will go back to their natural normal size. For oily skins, mixed skins, or acne-prone skins, our team at PAŪS Spa has a unique matifying skin care, to help you regulate any excess sebum.

Use a purifying or matifying facial mask: this skin care routine will help absorb all of the excess sebum present on your skin, while helping you display a more mat and fresh complexion. Our specially designed skin care, Pur équilibre, is aimed for mixed and oily skin. Soothing and matifying, this skin care will make sure to correct all of your skin’s imperfections, while giving you back the complexion you’ve always dreamt of; full of radiance and luminosity!

PAŪS Spa only uses premium products with no added chemicals, or damaging additives, such as Luzern, and Klapp product lines. Call us to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing experience at PAŪS Spa; with taylor-made skin care, body care and massages, in an urban, chic and friendly atmosphere!