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It’s official, spring time is definitely in full swing! With temperatures rising, and the icy cold  winter being a thing of the past, it is now the perfect time to rejuvenate your skin through effective and professional care, specially designed and targeted (for all types of skin), by our certified team at PAŪS . Follow our tips for a healthy, radiant and glowing skin, all year long!

Spring time

Spring and fall are two of the most critical seasons, where your skin requires more specific & important treatments. During this period, your skin is preparing for the arrival of  2 of the harshest seasons of the year (for your skin that is!): winter and summer.

Come spring time, your skin will try to repare itself from the harsh winter months. Winter will affect your skin in numerous ways; increasing of squames, accentuation of fine lines and wrinkles, a dull complexion, and skin that is less responsive to your usual home care routine.  Worry no more! PAŪS offers you a wide selection of skin care including the Peeling Absolu ; a treatement using glycolic acid (stabilized at 30%), to deeply exfoliate your skin, tighten your pores, and reduce any pigments on your skin; for a fully restored and radiant skin!

To help your skin during springtime, we also advise; Madame (for mature or dry skin), Monsieur (for men) or Mademoiselle (for younger skin). These facial treatments offer; deep cleansing, exfoliation, lumping massage, complete moisturizing care, and an extraction (on demand). Designed to deeply cleanse your skin, these skin care stimulate cell renewal, while repairing its natural hydrolipidic film – leaving your skin radiant and glowing, like never before ! The sauna, steam bath and hot tub are also a good way to drain all toxins (with the effect of steam). It’s therefore a good idea to get the benefits of the thermal cycle, before proceeding with a facial.


During this period, preparing your skin for the cold winter temperatures should be a priority. Madame, Monsieur and Mademoiselle cares are strongly recommended by our team at PAŪS during fall. The Pur Oxygen  is also strongly advised; a treatment offering an infusion of 3 different serums within your skin (all 3 serums are adapted to the needs of your skin).

September and october often rhymes with acne ! Summer’s sun exposure often leads to the thickening of the skin, causing an obstruction of the pores. Our team at PAŪS also recommends the Peeling Absolu before the arrival of winter.

Facial care based on your skin type and seasons
Facial care based on your skin type and seasons


Winter has its shares of inconveniences that can be disastrous for your skin;  extreme temperature changes, extremely dry air due to heating, etc. PAŪS highly recommends to hydrate your skin (night and day) with a complete moisturizing cream (with UV protection during the day!),  that is fully adapted to your skin type. Our treatments at PAŪS – Madame, Mademoiselle, Monsieur and Pure Oxygen – are specifically designed to give radiance and glow to your skin, during the long winter months.


Summer time is the harshest period for your skin; with the secretion of sebum being at its peak (due to sun exposures), you need to opt for a light textured cream, highly concentrated in moisturizing agents, with a good UV protection. This is the perfect time for a Pur Oxygen skin care; a state-of-the-art treatment to restore any skin types, exposed to the sun, during summer time. Pur équilibre care is also indicate during this period. This one will eliminate all excess of sebum and to have a fresh and matte complexion.

At PAŪS, our qualified team will provide you with an unforgettable experience; tailor-made luxury treatments and sophisticated skin care, for all skin types. Wait no more, and take an appointment with one of our specialists and enjoy a moment of pure relaxation.