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Enjoy our outdoor hot whirlpool, polar shower, Finnish sauna, eucalyptus hammam, and our rest area to immerse yourself in a deep state of relaxation. To maximize the benefits of this Scandinavian tradition, alternate between hot, cold and rest. Access to  two whirlpools, and to the gym is included in the experience.

Consult our list of packages to combine this service with a beauty treatment or massage therapy service.

Please note that our thermal experience is available to visitors aged 18 or over (Children between 16 and 18 are allowed if accompanied by a parent). An ID may be required.

Bathrobe, towel and locker (with a lock) included

Thermal experience

Thermal experience

No reservation required.

Discover a unique and rejuvenating thermal experience at the PAUS SPA, inspired by Scandinavian traditions. Immerse yourself in a universe of absolute relaxation, where warmth and freshness combine to offer true well-being to your body and mind.

Our thermal experience invites you on an exceptional sensory journey. Start by immersing yourself in our traditional Finnish saunas, where the dry heat promotes muscle relaxation, stimulates blood circulation and releases toxins from your body. Then, treat your body to a cooling sensation by soaking in our revitalizing cold baths. This alternation between heat and cold stimulates your circulatory system and strengthens your immune system.

To prolong your relaxation, explore our various facilities, such as our whirlpools and our relaxation areas. Let yourself be enveloped by the soothing atmosphere and recharge your energies in an inspiring natural setting.

In addition to the pleasant sensations it provides, our thermal experience offers many benefits for your health and well-being. It promotes the elimination of toxins from your body, improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and helps strengthen your immune system. Additionally, this traditional Scandinavian practice is renowned for its positive effects in relieving stress and improving sleep quality.

Treat yourself to this moment of calm and regeneration in our Scandinavian oasis. Our modern facilities, combined with the authenticity of Nordic tradition, promise you an unforgettable experience. Take your body and mind on a revitalizing journey to ultimate wellness.

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    $ 30

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    $ 10