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Those cares are recommended during pregnancy. It will help you appreciate a peaceful and relaxing moment. Especially designed for pregnant women, this care is provided by a caring therapist and its expert hands. Let yourself be carried away by their moves and reach a state of pure hapiness.

The thermale experience is offered with this care but note that saunas and hot baths are not recommended for pregnant women.

Bathrobe, towel and locker (with a lock) included

Pure oxygene - Facial care

Pure oxygene - Facial care

This luxurious facial is perfectly adapted to your skin type. An incredible cutting-edge treatment, it is carried out using a pure oxygen apparatus, minerals, peptides and amino acids. Revitalized through purity, your skin will never have shined so radiantly. Whether it’s before a special occasion or to offer oneself a most refined treatment, this service is available with or without extraction. In addition to closing up the facial pores, it serves as an excellent way to repair skin after exposure to the sun. This service is recommended for those seeking to enhance their face with sparkling shine.

<em>Moroccan Escape</em> scrub

Moroccan Escape scrub

Close your eyes, inhale and you are there: in the heart of a lush Moroccan garden. The essential oil of Damask rose and a touch of neroli will awaken your senses. These oils, combined with a pink salt rich in minerals, will act as a natural purifier for a silky and radiant skin.


<em>The vigorous</em> body wrap

The vigorous body wrap

In addition to its anti-wrinkle properties, the rose is a powerful blood decongestant. This wrap will both soothe you and give your body extra radiance.

<em>The Incomparable</em> manicure

The Incomparable manicure

Including the beautification of the hands, a massage, exfoliation and application of nail polish, this manicure couldn’t be more perfect or complete. It’s a relaxing and luxurious experience.

The Energetic pedicure

The Energetic pedicure

Carried out on a chair specially designed for this type of pedicure, this treatment includes soaking, exfoliation and foot beautification, followed by the application of nail polish.