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The Californian massage

The Californian massage is the ultimate relaxation massage, that will immerse you in a state of absolute well-being and calm. Surrender yourself, mind and soul,  to the long and continuous motions of our certified massage therapists, and escape life’s numerous stresses. The Californian massage will allow you to elimnate all tension, stress and anxiety, while helping prevent or relieve numerous muscle or joint pains.

The Lomi Lomi massage

The Lomi Lomi is a traditionnal ancient Hawaïn massage, based on the human body’s energy. Aimed to evacuate all tensions within your body and your soul, the Lomi Lomi is a relaxing massage made of soft, long et flowing strokes, with the therapist mainly using his forearms during the treatment. The therapist will imitate the motions of the sea (back and forth strokes), in order to bring you to the deepest level of relaxation. The Lomi Lomi will help reduce stress and tensions, while improving your sleep quality and your blood circulation. The Lomi Lomi has also been linked yo a decrease in migraines and headaches.

The most effectives types of massage to reduce stress
The most effectives types of massage to reduce stress

Hot stone massage

The Hot stone massage offers you a unique sensory experience, perfect to help you relax and help ease numerous muscular tensions, or sore tissues. The therapist will place flat, heated stones, on specific areas on your body, to help evacuate all the stress and tensions accumulated in your body. The benefits of a Hot stone massage are impressive: improvement of your sleep quality, a complete state of well-being and relaxation, a drastic relieve of muscle tension and pain, and a quick boost of your immune system!

Relaxation massage

The Relaxation massage is very popular; combining both smooth, gliding, and continuous strokes, this is the ultimate relaxing massage you’ve been waiting for! Expect to come out of this treatment; completely rested, calm and very zen! This type of massage helps you better cope with; fatigue, stress, anxiety, migraines.

The Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is both relaxing and soothing, and comes with its many benefits: release of muscular tensions, improvement of the blood circulation, improvement of the digestive system, improvement in the quality of sleep, production of endorphin, evacuation of toxins. The therapist will alternate between more gentle and vigorous movements, in order to reduce all tensions and stress.

At PAŪS Spa, your well-being – body and soul – is our one and only true mission ! Come and indulge yourself in a day of complete pampering, with our highly qualified team of massage therapists and certified beauticians, ready to help you find the perfect treatments, that will best suit your needs (massages, body cares, facial cares, etc.),!

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