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Swedish Massage

This treatment promotes relaxation and helps diminishe muscle tensions, while helping increase blood circulation. The Swedish massage will induce a complete state of relaxation, and well-being. This classic massage method is one of the most popular forms of massage in the West, and follows a methodical sequence of maneuvers, meticulously done on muscles and joints.

During your Swedish massage, the therapist will alternate between softer and firmer strokes, using techniques such as : effleurage, friction etc. The focus of this treatment is the muscles and the joints, with other elements of the body such as: the nervous system, the lymphatic system, the bone structure, etc., being secondary but necessary during the treatment.  Stimulating the blood flow, releasing tensions, and creating a state of pure relaxation are 3 main objectives of this treatment.

The benefits of the Swedish massage are numerous; improvement of the blood flow and the lymphatic circulation, evacuation of different toxins, the relief of mucle pain, the release of endorphin, a better sleep quality, and a better digestion.


Swedish massage vs. therapeutic massage: what differences?
Swedish massage vs. therapeutic massage: what differences?
Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage also aims for a state of pure relaxation and well-being.

However, the primary focus of this treatment is to relieve various targeted tensions and pains (neck, back, etc.); through more rhythmic and energetic massage techniques. Therapeutic massage is ideal for lowering stress and reducing various tensions in the body.

During this treatment, the therapist will use a sequence of firm and robust techniques, targeting tension and soreness in the deeper muscle tissues.

The benefits of therapeutic massage are really profound; reducing pain, muscle tension and stress, increasing flexibility (joints), increasing blood flow & lymphatic circulation, improving the digestive process and overall health, and eliminating toxins. Therapeutic massage is often used by athletes, in order to maintain and sustain a healthy physiological state.

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