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Did you know that the average healthy human being, takes between 7000 to 13 000 steps a day?

While supporting the daily weight of your whole body, your feet are constantly being solicited, whether you’re standing, walking or staying still; making it essential for you to provide them with the right care, on a regular basis.

Our certified team at PAŪS Spa strongly advises you to have a foot massage done regularly, allowing your feet to relax completely, and breathe freely. A foot massage, properly done, will act on a vast selection of your organs, through ancient techniques of reflexology (applying different level of pressures on specific areas – feet, hands, ears, etc – which correspond to different organs, or functions of the human body).

The unexpected benefits of a foot massage

The benefits of a regular foot massage, is more beneficial (mentally and physically), than we tend to realize ! In addition to relaxing both muscles and joints, a foot massage can also help improve your blood circulation, as well as your lymphatic functions. Strongly advised for individuals suffering from heavy legs syndrome, a good foot massage can also help reduce the effects of edema in pregnant women (swelling due to an abnormal fluid retention within the feet and ankles, during pregnancy).

A foot massage done by a certified professional, will leave you completely relaxed, stress-free and in a pretty good state of mind! Regular foot massage sessions are known to reduce anxiety, headaches and migraines, while improving our sleep quality, and helping us prevent different types of muscle pain and joint pain.

The benefits of foot massage on your whole body
The benefits of foot massage on your whole body

How it’s done

To truly enjoy all of the benefits of a foot massage, our team at PAŪS Spa recommends using only premium essential oils, during all of your massage sessions. Always start by massaging the top of your feet – starting with your toes – and gently moving towards the arch of your feet, while using your thumbs. Use the palm of your hands, and work through your legs, with more vigorous strokes.

Our team at PAŪS Spa Experience, offers you60 minutes  foot care , that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated and zen. L’Énergic Pedicure  includes; soaking and exfoliation, followed by a full-on foot massage; which will leave you relaxed and reinvigorated, for days!

Complete your care with a moment at the thermal experience. Come and live the ultimate relaxation experience, and enjoy our beautiful and modern amenities : hot tubs, saunas, steam baths, swimming pools, polar bath and shower, and our resting areas specifically designed for you to unwind completely.

Come indulge in a full day of luxury and pampering at PAŪS Spa Experience, and give yourself the gift of complete well-being and relaxation!