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Whether to remove unsightly hairs that have appeared or to refine an IPL or laser hair removal treatment, electrolysis is the solution.

Bathrobe, towel and locker (with a lock) included

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis: a definitive hair removal that has been proven. Ideal for  small areas such as face and armpits, this type of hair removal is recommended to those who have tried other techniques without achieving the desired results or have only a few hairs to treat. This technique has no regard for the color of the hair; it is therefore ideal for brighter hairs. Electrolysis works in two stages. First, a weak electrical impulse is sent into the hair follicle to prevent regrowth and then the hair is removed with forceps.

We recommand to apply an analgesic cream on the area to be treated before the appointment. Time cards are debited in 15 min increments

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